Cheralyn by Design

Unique Jewelry Creations 

Experience handcrafted jewelry with a unique flair.


Cheralyn by Design’s offers unique pieces to fit every occasion and custom pieces designed to reflect your own personal style.


 Aside from creative, original pieces, Cheralyn by Design offers its clients the option of choosing the type of bead (color and style) and accents used to fashion  a unique, customized look.









In addition to creative originals and custom made designs, Cheralyn by Design also takes old jewelry and redesigns it into new more modern pieces



Whether its for work or for play, Cheralyn by Design Jewelry is sure to offer exactly what you want, when you need it, at an affordable price.


 If you’re looking to add style to your look with some flair and flavor, that will keep you within your budget, contact Cheralyn by Design today!